March 24, 2018

Backlinks: The Social Capital of the Web

Ayden Rennaker

Links are used to navigate the content of the web and backlinks are one of the ways that Search Engines rank content.

The Value of a Recommendation

Google knows if your website has quality content using a similar method to how we build trust in an unknown product or brand: our friend's recommendations. A website is able to recommend and give value to the content of another by including a link to it. When search engines crawl the web they are building a map of how data on the internet is interconnected, showing the most relevant material to someone searching for specific information.

It's important to increase the number of links back to your content, making it easier to find your content from other sources around the internet. It shows that your content was relevant or helpful enough to be shared.

Link Quality

Search engines want to dissuade webmasters from using unfair or 'spammy' tactics to artificially increase the number of backlinks to pages. One way that they do this is by weighing the value of a link. Websites with similar content or themes will be more effective in increasing your site's prominence. If you are a clothing store and get a link from a website about pets, it won't do much to improve your search ranking. However, if you received a link from a fashion blog, Google will increase your sites ranking slightly since it most likely has reliable content.

Shady Links

You need to look out for links from disreputable sites. If you begin to receive bad links from around the web, search engines may mistakenly begin to penalize your site and its content. It can be hard to recognize when bad links are beginning to affect your performance if you are not actively monitoring it. We recommend using a professional service to handle your SEO and automatically deal with negative links, mitigating the damage done to your site's reputation.


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