April 15, 2021

SEO 101: Developing The Best SEO Strategy

John Joseph Stevens

SEO strategy is how you optimize your website rank for search engines. You want your company to be on the first page Google loads and as high as possible on that page. Do you ever look past the first few responses Google shows you? Your customers are the same.

Of course, the higher ranked pages get more customer clicks. It may sound like a chicken and the egg scenario. Customers need to access your website and spend time on it for it to have a higher ranking.

The good news is that there are a few strategies that you can use on your website to increase its Google ranking.

SEO keywords; SEO strategy

Keywords for SEO

The most basic aspect of an SEO strategy is choosing good keywords. Your customers use specific words when they run a Google search. To get that spot at the top of a Google search result page, you need to use the same terms customers use in their searches. These words are your keywords.

Use Google Analytics to research words that are relevant to your company. Some words might be highly competitive, so choosing a compound or series of words for your keywords can narrow the competition.

Make sure that your keywords appear in your URL, metadata, titles, and headings. You should also attach your keywords to photos by listing them as alternate text. Keywords should make up no more that 5% of your content.

Start small. Choose a few keywords and stick to them for a few months. Use Google Analytics to track your progress. After a few months, you can add a few new ones or change some of the original keywords as needed.


SEO strategy, SEO linksLinks for SEO

Links strengthen your SEO strategy. There are several different kinds of links. There are external links that connect users to your website. For example, a link to a your webpage in a social media posting or on someone else’s website. These are sometimes called backlinks. These links are critical because they are mini-recommendation letters. Recommendations show that you have a high quality website with valuable information. They also raise your Google ranking because of increased credibility among your website’s users.

Another kind of external link is a link from your website that connects your customer to someone else’s webpage. These links can be helpful to your customers by connecting them with detailed information. However, once a customer clicks an external link, they are no longer spending time on your website, which could mean that you lose a client.

Internal links connect your customers with more information found on your website. Customers are happy because they find good resources from your company. You are happy because your customers spend more time on your website looking at your content.

Keep it Current

A third aspect of a good SEO strategy is posting content regularly. Google visits webpages to every so often to see if there is updated content. The more you update and post new content, the sooner Google will visit. You want Google to visit your website regularly because active websites earn a higher Google ranking.

Sharpen your writing skills, add keywords, link to your content, and post consistently to earn that top spot on a Google search results page. Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer or marketing team to help you.

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