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Leasing Leads for Apartment Complexes.


As an apartment owner or manager, dealing with vacancies is a top concern. Having a system to generate a consistent flow of new applicants lets you focus on other aspects of property management. Afficacy has worked with apartment complexes all over the country to develop marketing engines to streamline leasing leads. We have done projects for single family, multi-family (market rate and low income) and student housing. No matter your situation we can work to help you identify and find rental candidates.
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The Upper Ten

SEO keyword targeting and website build
New construction pre-leasing campaign for market rate apartment units. Ongoing support for site updates and SEO keyword targeting providing leads for future vacancies.


Full marketing package
Student Housing Complex in eastern Idaho. Ongoing leasing campaign combining SEO, Social Media, and Paid Advertising. Helped fill vacancies related to the post-COVID period.
Oliver Station-Afficacy Marketing-Example


Search engine optimization and website build
New construction pre-lease and ongoing search engine optimization campaign for both market rate and income restricted units. Provided more than 2,500 leads since construction phase minimizing vacancies with a waitlist for leasing.

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